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Data Analytics: Five Things You Never Knew about EHR

Data Analytics: Five Things You Never Knew about EHR

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A doctor working on an iPad utilizing data analytics.

Data, data, data

We talk a lot about data here at Palmetto Solutions. It’s an integral term for what we do. The purpose of this post is to talk about Data Analytics. Furthermore, this is assuming you have developed or understand a process for both record keeping and data visualization. Almost all analytics are the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. Sound complicated? Well, that’s because it is!  Yet, the complex thinking is already finished. Another thing, analytics are used to help make connections and see trends in your patients so you can provide better care. Finally, analytics are not hard to use! Therefore, use them! As a result, you will notice substantial improvement within your organization.


Five Things You Never Knew about EHR Analytics

  1. EHR data Analytics are actually pretty simple to understand.

  2. Analytics can show trends and behaviors in your patients.

  3. Analytics do the complex thinking for you.

  4. Also, Data Analysis can show patterns in many patients.

  5. Most of all, Palmetto Solutions and other service providers help you understand medical Analytics.

Electronic Health Record systems can be vast and complex. Analytics help us make more sense of it all. Palmetto Solutions are here to help! In conclusion, don’t let technology rule your process because it seems overwhelming. Rather, focus on providing the best medical care you can.