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"Our EHR Knowledge, Your Data Modeling Assistant"

Our knowledge and experience with all EHR vendor applications and databases ensures we can provide the tools, utilities and innovative applications that compliment your particular EHR vendor. And, in addition to our standard software offerings, we provide special customized software development to meet your individual needs. You can rely on Palmetto as a single source for all of your software solutions, which will save you time and money in the long run, and help your hospital or healthcare facility operate at its optimal capabilities.

Double exposure of professional businessman system analysis design and drawing database table with server storage technology background

Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™)

Data Modeling is used to define and analyze data requirements needed to support your organization’s processes within the scope of corresponding information systems. These progressive data modeling standards are strongly recommended for defining and analyzing data within your organization, assisting IT personnel in managing metadata, integrating information systems and performing various types of projects in multiple phases.

This process should involve an experienced, professional data modeling program like Palmetto’s Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™). The experts at Palmetto employ this cutting edge resource to work closely with the potential users of your information system in a consistent, reliable manner.

Palmetto’s DMAssistant™ entails a wide range of built-in data modeling functions and is developed for any major database platform. DMAssistant™ is highly capable of incorporating your metadata well into the future, always keeping your vision and goals in the forefront. Yet it is simple and user-friendly, which enables you to focus on what is most important to you and your organization.

  • Features of DMAssistant

    • Imports ONLY database metadata into DMAssistant database
      • Client database content (data) is NEVER imported
    • Imports multiple databases
    • Compares database versions to determine differences
    • Searches by:
      • Table / Filename
      • Column / Field
      • Internal Linkages
        • Tables / Columns
      • External Linkages
        • Tables / Columns
      • Procedures
      • Functions
    • Quickly sees and searches the database hierarchy
    • Facilitates quick and accurate report writing and data extractions
  • Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™)

    Currently developed for the following database platforms:

    • General SQL Databases
    • Allscripts Paragon EHR
    • MEDITECH Magic & C/S
    • Epic

    Other database platforms are currently in development.

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