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"Making Legacy Data Relevant"
Report Writing

DATAcoast™ Solutions Suite (Data Archive)

Most people and unfortunately most healthcare data vendors think of and treat legacy data, archived data, etc. as data that is no longer active or relevant to the well-being and healthcare of the current patient population, it’s only needed for future reference or regulatory compliance reasons.

This is evident that since the mid 1990s, EHR vendors will not allow healthcare facilities to convert (import) detailed patient clinical care and financial data into their EHR system when the hospital changes EHR vendors. They are forced to move this relevant critical data to a separate storage system for long-term retention.

The thinking is, “We will not use this data on a regular basis, it’s there if we need it.”

What about Release of Information (ROI) requests that come in weekly and in some organizations daily? What about being able to look at ALL of a patient’s clinical care discrete data, documents, and images at point of care? What about predicting patient health trends at the individual patient and community levels? What about the outstanding AR balances? The list goes on, and on.

Palmetto’s DATAcoast™ provides a unique, customizable approach, that guarantees ALL data will be available accurately just as it was originally across multiple vendor platforms. A built-in Release of Information (ROI) module allows quick and accurate ROI results inhouse or outsourcing. An innovative solution that does not archive or retire data to cold storage waiting to be used, thus forgotten, rather, keeps all datasets active, relevant with future legal healthcare requirements, immediately available at point of care, and predicting future patient health trends through analytic modeling.

  • Features of DATAcoast™ Solutions Suite

    • Search all legacy systems, results grouped as needed by patient encounter, employee, fiscal year, etc. and displayed in customized viewer
    • DATAcoast ROI™ provides ROI results accurately either inhouse or remote
    • DATAcoast API™ provides clinical data for active EHR/EMR at point of care
    • DATAcoast AR™ allows working down of AR balances
    • HIPAA audit logging and reporting
    • Accepts all datasets & all file types (not transformed, stays in original format)
      • General Financials: GL, AP, FA, MM, PR, HR
      • Patient Data: Patient Financials, Demographics, Encounters, Clinical
      • Discrete data, encoded documents, scanned documents, images
      • Unstructured data
  • DATAcoast™ Solutions Suite (Data Archive)

    Currently available in the following environments:

    • Local EHR Enterprise Environment (Local Intranet)
    • Cloud Hosted by Local IT Staff
    • Cloud Hosted by Palmetto Cloud Services

    Palmetto is always open to discuss other creative environments.

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