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While Palmetto Solutions has the depth and experience to provide a wide range of Healthcare IT services, has chosen to focus on the Healthcare Data Life Cycle as Healthcare Data Specialists. The Services and Solutions focus is: Healthcare Interoperability, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Extraction & Migration, Data Modeling, and Legacy Data Solution (Data Archive). Our practice is built upon a foundation of listening carefully to our clients and collaboratively developing a strategy that best fits their needs.

Our unique approach to solving customer challenges has been shaped from hundreds of client engagements and industry leading best practices. Through our experience, innovation, accuracy, and integrity, we at Palmetto Solutions, provide results-driven professionals and tools, allowing us to quickly become a trusted partner for your success.

Interoperability, RPA, Extraction, Migration, Data Archive, and Data Modeling services.

DATAcoast™ (Data Archive) and Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™) solutions.

DATAcoast™ Solutions Suite (Data Archive). Customized views of all legacy data: discrete data, documents, and images.

Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™) analyzes all SQL databases & Meditech Magic and C/S databases.