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Comprehensive, Customized, Cost-Effective

To be able to make full use of your IT and EHR, you need to be familiar with and employ the most efficient software solutions with the highest standards. Yet we know it’s tough for healthcare providers to stay up-to-date on the latest software products and services to ensure a seamless process. Palmetto’s software engineering products and services apply the highest standards in formal data modeling techniques, yet remain fluid, adapting to the ever-changing healthcare IT world.

Our knowledge and experience with all EHR vendor applications and databases ensures we can provide the tools, utilities and innovative applications that compliment your particular EHR vendor. And, in addition to our standard software offerings, we provide special customized software development to meet your individual needs. You can rely on Palmetto as a single source for all of your software solutions, which will save you time and money in the long run, and help your hospital or healthcare facility operate at its optimal capabilities.

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DATAcoast™ Solutions Suite (Data Archive)

A dynamic legacy data solution providing a unique customizable approach that guarantees ALL discrete data, encoded documents, scanned documents, images, and unstructured data will be available accurately, just as it was originally across multiple vendor platforms.

Data Modeling Assistant (DMAssistant™)

An innovative data modeling tool used in analyzing and understanding your SQL database structure. Every implementation is tailored to each customer’s requirements and the unique configuration of the database(s). Latest update included Meditech’s propriety databases: Magic and C/S.