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Paragon is changing the medical world

Paragon is changing the medical world

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Paragon EHR displayed on a nurse’s software monitor


First of all, McKesson’s Paragon is the nation’s leading EHR (Electronic Health Records) solution for hospitals and health systems of any size. It is important to keep up-to-date records for patients in all hospitals and clinics. This system allows doctors and management to monitor nursing activity. It also reduces system complexity. Therefore, it produces excellent workforce management. With this system, all the tools are readily available to ensure the staff are doing their job correctly. The Paragon system eliminates bulky paperwork and stores all records digitally.

Monitoring Nurse’s Activity With Paragon

This system is also an employee management software solution. Doctor’s can ensure that patients are being cared for properly by monitoring their Nurses activity it . It is important to do this in real time. It allows for real-time monitoring of nurses. Nurses must properly care for patients and document their findings. It is also a medical documentation solution.

Digital Record Keeping With Paragon

This system is a medical documentation solution too. It can be very difficult to manage patient paper work and documentation. It makes it easy to keep medical records, thus, patients are cared for much more effectively. A more effective way to keep all medical records is electronically. Rather than physical paper, digital record keeping is cleaner. Physical paper tends to clutter and messy work environments.

Paragon Conclusions

In conclusion, Paragon is a solution to multiple issues that arise in the medical field. It is a high class employee management software. As a result, it enables management and professional medical staff to monitor their nurse’s activity. Monitoring nurse’s activity ensures patients are receiving the best care possible. Consequently, this benefits the nurses, Doctors, management, and patients. Most noteworthy, this system is changing the way medical staff do their job. Furthermore, it frees up Nurses and Doctors to do their job by keeping records digitally.