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Data And Workflow Automation – McKesson Paragon® EHR Environment

Data and Workflow Automation – McKesson Paragon® EHR Environment

When you hear the phrases, “Data Automation” and “Workflow Automation” several things might come to mind. Have you been manually entering data over and over again or you are asked to retrieve the same data month after month from several systems and then compile into one report and you think, “I wish I could automate this!”? Well, that’s Data and Workflow Automation. By automating (eliminating) these type of manual processes, data entry errors are eliminated, time requirements are reduced, and individual productivity is maximized allowing you to focus on contributing your part to the overall mission of your healthcare organization, cost-effective patient care. Do you ever feel that there’s so much to do and not enough time in the day? In the healthcare profession, we are in search of new tools to help solve these problems. We want to be focused on the care of our patients, not paperwork! What manual tasks are you doing right now that need to be automated?  McKesson Paragon® EHR Environment is one solution to automate some tedious tasks.

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