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Paragon EHR Security: Role Based Or Application Based

Paragon EHR Security: Role Based or Application Based

Paragon EHR Security: Role Based or Application Based

SECURITY!!! Not the CODE GREY kind of security… In the ever evolving world of Paragon EHR Security and employee access levels, a strong, clear security structure can be the difference between a desired change of function or the addition of access taking hours to make one by one changes, figuring out what role has what application access, and to what level (role based) or taking merely minutes to make the same change across all users that have rights to that application (application based).

Role Based Security

Paragon security EHR was designed and is currently being taught as Role Based security. Having worked at a Paragon hospital and understanding the depth of the EHR system and security, a current Palmetto team member developed an innovative approach to build security structure and levels of access in Paragon® EHR Security. This Application Based Security structure provides the ability to make changes across many employee roles that share the same or similar access inside any given Paragon® application without having to remember what roles have which application access.

Transitioning? We can help!

We can assist in transitioning the Paragon EHR  security structure from a traditional, role based model into a low maintenance, exceptionally functional and easy to learn Application Based Security model that you will appreciate every time a large scale access change has to be made or the first time the member of your IT department that usually handles Paragon® account creation or changes is gone on vacation and you are still easily able to make the change or create the new account without waiting for their return. Palmetto Solutions specializes in the implementation of Paragon EHR technology. We also have resources to help train your team. If you are interested in learning more about paragon please reach out to our team of experts.

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