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Five Reasons To Leave EHR To The Experts

Five Reasons To Leave EHR To The Experts

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EHR (electronic health record) system for hospital management shown on monitor in office.

You’re not an EHR Expert! Reach out for Help!

When you hear, “I need you to create a report ASAP from our EHR database, I’ll email you the details shortly!” what do you think? Writing a report or just extracting the data from any database can be overwhelming and challenging at times. Each time I was introduced to a new EHR database I knew the basic datasets would be the same, BUT, the data structures and linkages would be unique, to say the least. It is important to get the necessary training as soon as you have access to the database. In most cases, I was able to navigate around the datasets okay 90% of the time, then, when that 10% (special request) appeared I panicked. I was the database expert. What do I do now? I reached out to others within the EHR community, even though it’s large, it is well connected and found what I needed. It’s okay … reach out … even database experts need some guidance sometimes!


Five Reasons To Leave EHR To The Experts

  1. EHR data can be overwhelming.

  2. The Data structures and linkages are ALWAYS unique.

  3. You don’t (more than likely) have the proper training

  4.  You can focus more on the care of your patients 

  5. The Electronic Health Record community is  very well connected.

Electronic Health Record systems can be vast and complex. Leave it to the experts to navigate it. Focus on your job. In a hospital setting, patient care is the number one priority. If record keeping slows you down, change your approach. There are people out there to help.