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Data Visualization: Five Reasons You Are Doing It Wrong

Data Visualization: Five Reasons You Are Doing It Wrong

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EHR (electronic health record) system for hospital management shown on a monitor in the office.

So what in the world is Data Visualization anyway?

First of all, maybe you have heard this term before. Furthermore, maybe someone said it in the hallway at your local hospital (or maybe not!)

So, if you are like most people, this is a new concept, or rather a new term of a familiar concept. Within the medical world, we need to keep digital records of everything we do. This simple step ensures the care for patients is the absolute best it can be. We describe this information as “data.” So, data visualization is “HOW” we look at this information. Palmetto Solutions specializes in processes like these. We are diligently shooting for the highest standard of integrity, accuracy, and innovation to every client served.


Five Reasons you are doing DV wrong!

  1. You’re letting it be overwhelming!

  2. You haven’t selected a more user-friendly interface for your hospital.

  3. There are experts out there like Palmetto Solutions to help with this process. (and maybe you’re not using them!)

  4.  You are focusing on numbers and spending more time in EHR than with the patient.

  5. The Electronic Health Record community is very well connected. Are you in the loop?

Electronic Health Record systems can be vast and complex. And visualizing that data can be confusing. In a hospital setting, patient care is the number one priority. If data visualization slows you down, change your approach. There are people out there to help.