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Five Reasons to use Paragon – Digital Record Keeping With Paragon

Digital Record Keeping With Paragon

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Electronic Record Keeping With McKesson’s Paragon

It is difficult to manage patient paperwork and documentation because it is so complex. Rather, Paragon makes it easy to keep medical records, thus, patients are cared for more effectively. Therefore, a more effective way to keep all medical records is electronically. Rather than physical paper, digital record keeping is cleaner. Most of all, physical paper tends to clutter and messy work environments.

Five Reasons to use Paragon

  1. McKesson’s Paragon software solution makes it easy to manage your workforce

  2. McKesson’s Paragon is the Leading EHR solution.
  3. Paragon is an EHR software. EHR stands for Electronic Health Record.

  4. In the past, all records for patients were kept on physical pieces of paper in filing cabinets.

  5. It is important to keep up-to-date records for patients in all hospitals and clinics. Furthermore, itI reduces system complexity. 

Thus, Paragon keeps things in order.