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Scheduling Nursing Shifts Is Important

Scheduling Nursing Shifts Is Important

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A doctor strategically scheduling nurses to care for patients.

Scheduling Shifts for nurses.

Scheduling Shifts is important for two primary reasons. The risk of a patient falling is decreased if Nurses are scheduled strategically. Secondly, planning is important to reduce nursing errors. Nurses are scheduled for more than twelve hour shifts in a row. Therefore, the frequency of errors increases. With this type of work, strategic schedule planning is of vital importance to the health of patients.

Fall Risks

Patients face many risks when being cared for in hospitals. Many patients are weak and can fall easily. Patients can fall and be seriously hurt. To prevent this, nurses must constantly check in on patients. By scheduling shift changes so a patients never go without assistance, it reduces the risk of falling. It is up to managers and doctors to schedule their nurses strategically, consequently, reducing patient fall risks.

Medical Errors

Nurses make mistakes just like all people. The important thing is to decrease these errors. Also, shift planning plays a large role in preventing these errors. Therefore, Doctors and Management must always be intentional about planning. Rather than scheduling the same person three days in a row, nurses should work with days in between to avoid fatigue.

Shift Scheduling Conclusions

In conclusion, planning shifts for nurses reduces errors and risk. There are many challenges with Nurse schedules. Nurse can be over worked. As a result, more accidents happen. Patients can fall if they are not frequently monitored. Many Doctors realize the risks with not scheduling properly. Consequently, this benefits the nurses, Doctors, management, and patients. Most noteworthy, planning shifts strategically allows patients to have peace of mind. Furthermore, effective shift planning allows Nurses and Doctors to do their job more efficiently because they are well rested.