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HealthcareIT: Working Remotely In A Healthcare Technology Virtual Network.

HealthcareIT: Working remotely in a healthcare technology virtual network.

HealthcareIT: Working remotely.

I have managed teams and individuals remotely since 1992. This was when working remotely and saying you were part of a virtual network was not the norm. People didn’t consider Remote Businesses “real.” Since that time, being remote and virtual is the new workplace. This is possible with HealthcareIT. I having been a part of the virtual network world for 25 years. We have made many mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and developed an infrastructure and healthcareIT (healthcare technology) team that is second to none. Technology infrastructure is no longer a major hurdle to overcome. This is because of the advances today in technology and software building.

Many People are capable of working and being managed remotely. Most management teams do not spend enough time thinking about these type of individuals.  I’m not talking about just the staff. I am talking about both, the management team and staff.

Everything rises and falls on leadership! The management team must be passionate about the individual freedom of a remote lifestyle and investing in engaging the best talented and skilled people available. With management spreading their passion, innovative thinking, and surrounding the core infrastructure with individuals that appreciate the freedom of a remote lifestyle and financial compensation for being the best will produce a passionate, deep, results-driven network of people functioning as a team to exceed customer expectations. The technology makes it possible, but the people make it realistic.

Where do you fit in the rapidly growing healthcare technology virtual network?